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"THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: the Arabian & Morgan as One!"

Isn't she just beautiful?! Shown here with her former owner, Dawn is a wonderful example of what we expect out of our Morab horses here at Liberty Mtn. She has been a champion and winner in a host of categories: Western, English, Country Pleasure; Obstacle and Pleasure Driving; Open, Model Arabian, Half Arabian Halter; Native Costume; barrels; Trail; parades; Saddle Seat Equitation; Walk/Trot Equitation; etc. Many High Point Awards. She won the coveted Super Horse of the Year over all breeds in the Texas Bluebonnet Arabian Club competition, and was runner up more than once. She did endurance racing, and can do second level dressage. She has been trail ridden in several states, and pushed cattle. A classic example of the VERSATILITY and ATHLETICISM of the Morab breed - and now she gives us pleasure here at home with her beauty and her exotic Morab foals. UPDATE 2010: Dawn was given back to her former owner to live out the rest of her days in luxury. We thank the Lord for the honor and blessing to own this mare for the 10 years she was with us. We sure miss her! UPDATE 2016: Dawn is still going strong and living with her owner, Dixie. What a thrill to see her still looking like she's only 10 years old!

Desiderata's Dawn, Morab mare, winning English Pleasure
We had originally decided to have Morgans - we felt that they would be excellent for the all-around "homestead type" family horse for which we were looking. But we ended up with an Arabian colt first, and we weren't sure what to do with him! He was a fine boy, a double *Naborr grandson. And then we began to hear the word, "Morab". Wow! We had always liked both the Arabian and Morgan breeds...what kind of Super Horse would you get by putting those two together? As we began to investigate we discovered that not only are Morabs a BREED, but they are a breed with a HISTORY.

The more we learned, the more fascinating it became. We acquired some excellent Morgan mares about this time (Bar-T Trinket, and her daughters, Washita Prima Dona and Washita Nancy Run). By the time our first baby was on the ground (LM Ark-One Shawna) we had made contact with the registry of that time. And we have never looked back or regretted going with Morabs since that time!

Today we have Liberty Mtn. Morabs (and some Morgans) all over the country: California, Oklahoma, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey, Missouri, Maine, Virginia, Arizona, Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, N. Carolina, Michigan, Vermont, Montana, Virginia, Alabama, Maryland, etc. And we have sent our first colt out of the country to Canada. They have been MORE than we'd hoped for - athletic, intelligent, versatile, friendly, hardy, long-lived. Wonderful feet and legs with lungs that never quit.

Our Morabs are exclusively registered with the International Morab Registry so their papers are good anywhere in the world. Only IMR Morabs are recognized as a breed by the USDF, AERC, USCTA, NATRC, the Palomino Registry and the Pinto registry. We are very happy with the professionalism and integrity of this organization, and can highly recommend it to anyone interested in the Morab breed.

All Liberty Mtn Morabs are now eligible for life for our Annual Liberty Mtn. Morab CASH Award through the registry's Lifetime Achievement Award Program. These horses could literally be earning you money every year for the rest of their life. Ask us about it!

Our sons are grown men, now, but they still love their Morabs, and now the grandchildren are continuing the love. In our opinion, you can't beat them for a family/companion/competition horse. Wonderfully functional...and so easy on the eyes!


Liberty Mtn. Ranch Morabs in "Morab Moments" - the only book on the breed!

Little Known Facts About Morabs!

Did you know....that it is a Morab that holds the 5,000 miles in one year record for endurance racing?  A Morab named Astro Aries still holds that record and he went on to do almost 4,000 miles in one year a couple of years later...that a Morab named Tulip has over 22,000 AERC endurance miles and has taken the all-time AERC lifetime mileage record?....that it is a Morab named Pinto that holds the record for the longest continual trail ride in the northern hemisphere? He did 20,000+ miles in 3+ years in the early 1900's, and was the only horse in the group to make it the whole way...that a Morab, "Kooter", went to the World Championships in Barcelona, Spain, and came home with a Team Silver medal in endurance riding? (this horse also earned his 6000 AERC mile Medallion)...that the American Albino breed was started with a white stallion said to be Morgan and Arabian being bred to Morgan mares?...that two-time Tevis Cup winner, and Haggin Cup winner, Pancho, was a Morab?...that Morabs have been around about as long as the original Morgan, and that they can be found in many registries such as the Quarter Horse and Morgan Registries?...that Morabs are excelling in top competitions in a wide variety of disciplines, such as endurance racing, reining, combined driving events, dressage, Hunter pleasure, hunter jumping, etc.?...that Morabs have almost non-existant feet and leg problems?...that Morabs can also qualify to be registered as American Warmbloods?...that Morabs can come in a rainbow of colors including pinto?...that the turnover rate for the Morab breed is almost non-existant? ....once people have them up old enough to use, they like them so well that they never sell them...Want to know more???

NEWS FLASH SEPTEMBER 2005!! The registered Morab stallion, Montego's Thunder, qualified for the Arabian Sport Horse National Show in Virginia this year. He and a registered Morab gelding (who also qualified) were the first two registered Morabs to show at this show (as half Arabians). Thunder's large class of Half Arabian and Anglo-Arabian stallions also contained the 2003 National Champion and the 2004 Reserve National Champion. Up against some of the toughest sport horse competition in the Arab world, Montego's Thunder came home with the RESERVE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! The first time registered Morabs come to this show, and one of them leaves with a coveted championship!! Morabs can win ANYWHERE against ANYTHING! UPDATE 2016 - Unbelievable! Montego's Thunder came back to the ASHN show TEN YEARS LATER (2015) and WON RESERVE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP again!! This time he is much older - close to 20 years old. Proving once more that Morabs hold their prime for many years.

Rare Gaited Morgan Stallion, Mary Mels Mystery, as a 6 year old in Utah.

The foals we've had the last six years sired by Mystery are the fruit of a journey that began several years ago. Some of our Morabs and Morgans out of a certain Morgan dam line were popping up gaited, and this intriqued us. We like to trail ride, and, although the Morabs have proven to be very smooth to ride even when not *gaited*, the thought of a gaited Morab was very appealing to us. We began to pray and search for a very special stallion. We began to find out that these gaited Morgans are hard to find - very few have bred for them in the last 5 decades. And finding a high quality adult for sale was even harder, especially a stallion. And we didn't want just *any* stallion - he had to be a very special boy. We only found a very few young colts, who were good boys, but we didn't want to wait for them to grow up. In June 1999 we happened to contact Mel Fransden of Mary Mel Morgans in Utah. He is probably the oldest breeder of gaited Morgans. As it turned out, he had *just* decided to sell Mystery, a stallion he had kept for his own breeding program. Mystery was too related to be used there. The horse was never advertised for sale - we bought him before that could happen. It took almost a year before we could actually get him home, but it did happen. He's been with us six years now, and we have enjoyed him so much. Lovely to look at, and lovely to handle. We are very blessed to have him for our breeding program. If you click on his picture above, it will take you to the website for the Single-Footing Morgan Club - Mary Mel farm site is there, and pictures of Mystery in the stallion section.

UPDATE 2016 - Mystery is now owned by a Morgan breeder in Idaho and is producing Morgan foals there. This owner is also the last owner of the palomino Morgan stallion, Skys-Ethete-Pride, that we also had. So, the Morgan mares that Mystery is being bred to are daughters and granddaughters of Sky - just like we were doing! Some of our best Morab and Morgan foals were by Mystery out of Sky daughters. It was after seeing our pictures of these foals - like the Morgan stallion Mystery Caramel in Arizona - that this party decided that they had to have Mystery. She told us that now that she's had Mystery for a couple of years, he will never leave her. He will stay with her for the rest of his life just as she did with Sky. We are so pleased to hear this as it confirms that we made good choices when we went with Sky and Mystery for our breeding program. Mystery is now in his early 20's and looks better than ever - we sure miss him.

Gaited Morgan Stallion, Mary Mels Mystery, age 10 in Arkansas
Mystery is an awesome Morgan. He has tremendous bone, and wonderful smooth muscling. A powerful animal who is as sweet as they come. We have taken him to three horse fairs here in Arkansas - the first time he had been exhibited in public. We were overwhelmed at how well he was received...even the world famous trainer, Richard Shrake, saw him and liked him. Said he was the first gaited Morgan he'd ever seen. World known Tenn. Walking Horse trainer/judge, Bobby Richards, used Mystery in one of his clinics in 2004, and was highly complimentary of him.