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You can sure see the strong family resemblance!

Pictured here are Morgans who are the closest relatives to Mary Mels Mystery - full sisters, etc., and horses in his immediate pedigree. Look at the consistancy in bone, substance, muscling, size and that pretty Morgan head. The quality just keeps coming through generation after generation!

Attention - we do not know why, but this system with the Freeservers keeps wanting to put pictures in places where we didn't put them. As a result, you will sometimes see distorted pictures in places where they are not supposed to be. This just happens on its own. We try to watch for it, but sometimes we miss it. This is very aggravating, but we don't know how to stop it.

Gaited Morgan gelding, Silvershoe Augustus, is a genetic full brother to Mary Mels Mystery. He is also a top working and winning cow horse on the 50,000 acre Arapaho Ranch in Colorado.

Mystery Caramel, 4 year old Morgan son of Mary Mels Mystery bred by Liberty Mtn. Ranch in Arkansas, owned by Santa Rita Arabians in Tucson, Arizona.

A gaited Morgan mare who is a full sister to Mary Mels Mystery with her 2004 Morgan filly in Utah.

A full sister to Mary Mels Mystery, the gaited Morgan mare, Mary Mels Glo-Worm, in Utah, ridden by her breeder/owner, Mel Fransden.

Another full sister to Mary Mels Mystery, a gaited Morgan mare with her 2004 gaited palomino Morgan colt in Utah.

Arapaho Hector, working ranch Morgan gelding in Colorado, sired by Mary Mels Snooper.

Two working ranch Morgan stallions at 9,000' in Colorado - Mary Mels Snooper in the foreground.

Gaited Morgan gelding, Mary Mels Indecision, in Utah. Rider is 6'5".

Gaited Morgan stallion, Mary Mels Swanee, at 3 yrs. old in Utah. He is a 3/4 brother to Mary Mels Mystery.

Gaited Morgan Stallion, WNS Windenstone, in 1999 at an advanced age. This is Mystery's sire. Picture taken by Debbie Strong

Multi-Champion Morgan Stallion, Omar Sheriff, sire of WNS Windenstone, and paternal grandsire of Mary Mels Mystery

Multi-Champion Morgan Stallion, Stellar, sire of Omar Sheriff and double grandsire of Mary Mels Mystery.

Stellar, working ranch/cow horse in Utah - never beaten in the show ring by ANY breed of horse, on the east coast and the west.

Champion Morgan mare and working ranch horse, Wingo, dam of Omar Sheriff and paternal granddam of Mary Mels Mystery.

Champion Morgan Stallion, Mentor, sire of Stellar, and bred by the U.S Government Farm.

Working ranch Morgan stallion, Stetson, maternal grandsire of Mystery's dam, Mary Mels Glo-Girl. Stetson is also behind Mystery's sire, Windenstone.

Morgan Stallion, Flying Jubilee, working ranch horse. Sire of Wingo, Mystery's paternal great granddam.

Flying Jubilee at work in the Rocky Mountains.

Champion Morgan Stallion, Ken's Car-A-Mel, maternal great grandsire of WNS Windenstone, Mystery's sire. He's also behind Mystery's dam line.

Champion Morgan Stallion, Goldfield, sire of Mentor. Bred by the U.S. Government Farm.

Morgan Stallion, Hudson, maternal grandsire of Stellar. Bred by the U.S. Government Farm.

Champion Morgan Stallion, Flyhawk, working ranch horse. Sire of Stetson and Flying Jubilee, and behind Mystery on both sides.

Ken Carmen, Morgan Stallion, sire of Ken's Car-A-Mel.

Champion Morgan Stallion, Mansfield, sire of Goldfield. Bred by U.S. Government Farm.

Champion Morgan Stallion, Bennington. Sire of Mansfield, and twice behind Stellar's dam.

Morgan Stallion, Go Hawk, sire of Flyhawk who is behind Mystery several times.

Morgan Stallion, Jubilee King, pictured at 24 yrs. old. Sire of Ken Carmen and maternal grandsire of Flying Jubilee.

Morgan Stallion, General Gates - foundation stallion for the U.S. Government Farm. Sire of Bennington. Behind Mystery on several lines.

Morgan Stallion, Romanesque - Remount Stallion. Maternal grandsire of Ken's Car-A-Mel.

Morgan Stallion, Highview King, working ranch horse. Behind Mystery's sire, Windenstone.