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Somethings are just too important

November 22, 2011

Well, I'm doing it. I'm starting a blog. I wasn't going to. I've resisted for years. I keep busy enough just with normal life things. But something came along the end of September that is so important that it's forcing me to start a blog after all. Do I have your attention and are you curious to know what could be affecting me so deeply to prod me into doing a blog? It's a 33 minute documentary called "180 Movie". They say it's 33 minutes that will rock your world. I watched it. Then I watched with my husband. We both cried. And now we've spent the last several weeks handing out free copies of the 180 Movie to everyone we can. You can watch it free. www.180movie.com or go to youtube and just put 180 into the search engine. It's already almost 1.7 million views since the first of October. Unheard of for a video this long. But it will change your life and hopefully, it's going to change this nation with its message. Hundreds of thousands of the DVD's have been handed out free at universities and high schools all over the nation. This is on-going at this... [More]

Tags: abortion, america, baby, germany, hitler, holocaust, pro-choice, pro-life

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