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Where they are and What they are doing
It doesn't seem possible, but we've placed over 100 horses in new homes since 1992, and they are all over the nation and in Canada now. We have been so blessed by the buyers we've had. They have become friends, and some more like family. We have kept touch with as many as we could. We have God and the horses to thank for these people coming into our lives. Here are some of those horses:

LM Ark-Two Stormy Run was born in our second foal crop, and was Nancy's first foal for us. Ramaus' Shama was his Arab sire. He sold as a 3 1/2 year old to a family in Louisiana who used him to pony race horses as that's how they made their living. They'd used lots of other horses, but when they found the Morab, they were convinced they'd found *the* one for this kind of work. And they were right - when Stormy was four they started riding him and using him to pony, and he was one of the best they'd ever had. They were so happy with him that they bought another colt from us as soon as we had one born. By that time they had moved to Kentucky where they are still today. A few years ago they took up hunter jumping as a hobby, and both Morabs were put into training. This is Stormy at a Kentucky show in 2000. He quickly became a winner in both open hunter jumping and in timed jumping. He now has a 10 year old girl jumping with him. Stormy also pulls in work harness, does tricks, and rides Roman style.
The Second One To Go.....
LM Ark-Three Smokey +++GA, was also in our second foal crop, and was Dona's second foal for us (also sired by Ramaus' Shama). He sold shortly after Stormy, also as a 3 1/2 year old - a St. Louis man bought him sight unseen over the phone as a birthday present for his wife! Since that time we have become good friends with this family, and Paula and Smokey have hit it off just marvelously. The two have hit the trails and shows together up there, earning Smokey a Bronze Medal, a Silver Medal, and now the Gold Medal - one of the first to earn one. Five years after Smokey came into the family, Paula and daughter, Lora, pulled into our driveway and loaded up Smokey's maternal sister, LM Classic Dancer, who was in foal to the palomino Morgan stallion, Skys-Ethete-Pride. She had had a palomino colt by him once already, and she had another one for Paula.
Another One.....
LM Sterling Sundance is a son of the Morab stallion, Jericho's Mr. Sterling, and out of the Morab mare, LM Classic Dancer. His owner in Florida has taken him from a young gelding hardly handled to a steady mount for just about anything she wants to try! For example, he came out the top horse at a police horse training seminar. He was purchased as an endurance riding prospect, and now that he's gotten a few rides under his belt, his owner is tickled pink with how he's coming along. This picture was taken in 2000 during their very first race. Sundance was four years old. The pair is now tackling 60 mile rides and doing great. She says the more miles she adds, the stronger Sundance gets.
New Talent Begins To Show.....
LM Daniel Boone was the second Morab gelding bought from us by the family who owned Stormy. He started jumping in 2000 as a 6 year old. He took off with a bang, and by September placed first in two classes in a Classic at the Lexington Horse Park in Kentucky up against the big breeds. He was sold to Maryland & is now a trained dressage horse/field hunter/lesson horse, has done endurance, fox hunting and eventing, and is an All-Around Champion who is always in the blue ribbons. He is 15.1 hands. His Morgan sire is our Washita Spitfire, and his dam was a Morab we had bought from another breeder. Boone has matured into a lovely animal with a great disposition. He gets his jumping abilities from his sire.
Winner In Every Way
LM Run Joselle +BA was in our sixth foal crop out of Washita Nancy Run and El Sayyid. Her older full sister, LM Nestle Quick, went to Minnesota where she is a trail horse and broodmare. Joselle first went to Wisconsin, then to New Jersey, and is now in Virginia (owner moved). Amy tells us to not EVEN ask if she's for sale. She started with dressage and stunned the trainer at her abilities, then stunned Amy at her abilities in competitive trail and endurance racing. In Virginia they took up fox hunting in 2000, and Joselle has proven that she'll be at the front of the pack even though she's not as big as the other horses. We hear that driving is the next thing on the *to do* list. Joselle is shown winning Champion Weanling at the 1993 IMBA Morab Futurity in Region D. Two years later she was Champion 2 Year Old in Region C, making her the only registered Morab to win Championships in more than one region at IMBA Futurities. With her Bronze Medal win in the LAAP (and over half way to the Silver), she is now the second Liberty Mtn. Morab to medal.
They'll Fool You Every Time!
Liberty Mtn. Nevada, shown here with her trainer in Colorado when she was broke to ride, was Nancy's third foal for us by Ramaus' Shama, and in our fourth foal crop. She sold as a bred mare to a family in Colorado who owned a carriage business and they planned on using her for that. After the colt was born, Liberty Mtn. Comet, they did break Nevada to drive. When the colt was weaned, they sent her to this Quarter Horse trainer. He rode her for 30 days, and tried to buy her three times. Said she had SPEED, and loved working the cattle. Nevada is now in Montana with a Cattle Company as a working cutting/cow horse. Her son, Comet, is a dressage horse in California.
Finally! One Close to Home....

Liberty Mtn. Shoshone is a second generation Morab out of Shawna and sired by our Arabian stallion, Serifh's Kenobi. A family in Hot Springs, Arkansas, saw Shawna at The Witness and came to the farm to visit. They already owned an Appendix-bred Quarter Horse mare, but they sold her after they bought Shoshone (a Shawna daughter) - said the differences were night and day. They like to do a LOT of trail riding, and it wasn't long after they sold the other mare that they came back to look again. This time they bought LM Frosted-Ice Rose - she is out of Nicky, Shawna's full sister, and sired by Kenobi, too, so she is a genetic full sibling to Shoshone. Both mares have proven to be TOUGH trail horses - and they'll outwalk you if you don't watch out. In fact, Shoshone has a flat walk on the trail that leaves other horses in her dust...and the rider glides along on top like she's a gaited horse. People love riding her! Shoshone has done her share of being on stage with her mom and aunt, too, at The Witness. In this picture, the owner's daughter had won Rodeo Queen at the Hot Springs Fair in 1999. Shoshone was the only non-Quarter Horse in the competition. She was also used for 4-H and barrel racing by Collette.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2006: Last year this family purchased their third Morab from us, the black Morab gelding, LM Black Knight (LM Black Powder X Desiderata's Dawn). God must have known that they were going to need Knight as just this month they lost Shoshone after an extended illness. It was a very hard thing, but all of us count ourselves so very blessed to have known this mare. She was indeed one of the *special* ones!