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It was late winter 2007 when a small group from Altus, Oklahoma trekked to Texas for an AERC endurance ride - three of the four horses were Morabs!

Dr. Ralph and Diane Day of Altus, Oklahoma loaded up their endurance Morab gelding, LM Classic Cadence (El Sayyid X Washita Prima Dona) along with Mark Clay and his endurance Morab gelding, LM Powder Detonator (LM Black Powder X LM Grande Design). Mark loaned his Fox Trotter mare, Patience, to Dave Manning, and Dave's wife, Debbie, brought along her endurance Morab mare, DM Skylark Eden (sired by Skys-Ethete-Pride).

Part of Team Altus relaxing in the Day's motorhome

On the left, Debbie Manning on her black Morab mare, Eden, and Dave Manning on Patience to the right - waiting for the official start of the 25 mile LD. This was their first endurance ride, but not for the horses.

Diane gets Cadence ready to go - Cadence is one that is ALWAYS "ready to go"! Today he and Diane are doing the 50 mile ride.

Dave & Deb wait while the 50 milers are being sent off first.

Eden is tired of all the standing around & waiting -she's ready to *go*!

Nate is almost ready to start his first 50 mile ride.

Dave & Debbie finally get started on their first 25 mile LD.

Mark & Nate come up to one of the vet check's.

Nate & Cadence waiting in line to see the vet - vet check's are no big deal with the Morabs!

Meanwhile, back out on the trail, Eden needs no urging to go. She's being a handful for Deb at the beginning.

Nate trots out for the vet & passes with flying colors.

P&R's for Nate are good to go!

Eden & Patience are settling in & moving right along.

Cadence never misses a chance to dive in & have a bite to eat. He'll soon be back out to finish his 50 miles.

Deb & Dave stuff down some sandwiches before leaving their vet check - both horses passed thru with no trouble.

Passing through another vet check, Cadence & Nate head out to finish their 50.

That's where Eden likes to be...in *front*! Head up & moving on down the trail.

Dave & Patience are right behind Eden & Deb.

Cadence & Diane finished their 50 mile ride & placed very well in the field.

Nate & Mark also finished their 50 miles, coming in not far behind Cadence & Diane.

Nate tanks up at the water hole.

Cadence & Diane with Mark's daughter who helped *crew*.

Eden & Debbie finished well within their time limit. Now they are waiting for their final vet check.

Eden never turns down good chow - especially after the work of a 25 mile ride!

Eden loved her new blanket.

After the horses were fed & taken care of, Team Altus checks out the t-shirt & goodies table.

Team Altus left to right: Mark, Dave, Debbie & Diane. All four finished their rides with good placings & P&R's. Once again, the Morabs brought their riders in safe & sound.

Well, there had to be one hitch in the weekend - a flat tire on one of the horse trailers on the way home, but it was quickly taken care of & they all got home in fine order.

And this is who was waiting for Dave & Deb at home in Altus - their miniature dapple Dachsund, "Tater"! Tater was also bred by Liberty Mtn. Ranch in Arkansas.

Don't let the sun set on your Morab dreams - get your own Liberty Mtn. Morab & head for the hills!