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November 2001
It was a dream come true! We loaded up 8 horses and 10 family members and made our trek to southern Missouri! It took three rigs to cart us all up there. This was the first time we have ever attempted something like this with the horses. The Morab Community Network was having their annual meeting at Ava, Missouri, and a trail ride had been started the year before. We had taken four horses in 2000, and had enjoyed the weekend so much that we eagerly looked forward to going again. This trip in 2001 included our two grandchildren - their first time to go on a real trail ride trip like this.

Ready to Ride!

The Liberty Mtn. Bunch head for the trails. Riders and horses in this picture came from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois.

Little House in Missouri
We got to the meeting place late in the night. Some had tents to set up - some of us brought our beds with us in our vehicle. There was a big fat moon. By the next morning it was raining. The horses were wet, and so we found some other things to the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum! We are big fans of Laura so this was a real thrill for us to see the home where she and Almanzo lived for so many years - and died.
Happy Liberty Mtn. Morab Owners
Not only did our family bring 8 horses, but others showed up, as well. In all, Morabs from four states were there, and most of them were bred and born at Liberty Mtn. Ranch. The group to the left has: Liberty Mtn. Shoshone (owned by Kathy Danley of Arkansas); LM Classic Cadence (owned by Diane Day of Oklahoma); Dawn's Carbon Copy (bred and owned by Dixie Shemwell of Arkansas) and LM Frosted-Ice Rose (owned by Kathy Danley).
Granddaughter's First Trail Ride
Here she is, riding with Grandpa on Desiderata's Dawn. Angelica loves the horses and loves to ride. She managed to get on three different horses during the one trek on the trails. Grandma is tickled that her granddaughter is showing signs of being a horsey person, too.
Here they come......
The rain stopped, and over the next three days groups were going out several times a day. This part of the country has some wonderful riding terrain. Liberty Mtn. horses made every single ride over the weekend, and were always eager to go. Some of them had several different riders during the course of things, but they took it all in stride.
.....and there they go!
Some places were like this, and others were hilly and steep with rocks. They rode through grassy pastures and down dirt roads. Some wildlife popped out once in a while, and the temperatures were just *perfect*. Not a single person was sorry that they came!
One Happy Tired Group of Trail Riders
There's something about trail riding that makes ya hungry! And we came prepared. Each night we had a campfire going with goodies to eat, and on Saturday evening we had a bar-b-q cookout with steaks, brats, hamburgers, salads, desserts, *the works*! We sure didn't stay hungry for long. With the fresh rain washed air, twinkling stars, homecooked food smells, and good friends to share stories with, it was just pure pleasure to sit back and soak it all up. Marshmallows baked golden brown over the campfire were the perfect way to end a glorious day and a glorious meal.
Parelli Demo During the Rain
We were blessed to have Dixie Shemwell come again for the ride with her 2nd generation Morab mare, Dawn's Carbon Copy - yes, a daughter of our mare, Dawn. At the time this picture was taken, Copy had just had a colt weaned from her - a black Morab sired by our black Morab stallion, LM Black Powder. Dixie is a certified Parelli instructor, and she graciously demonstrated the Parelli *games* with Copy for us while we listened to the rain on the metal barn roof.
Mother and Daughter
Before we all loaded up and left for home on Sunday, we got mother and daughter together for a picture. Dawn was 17 years old, and Copy just coming into maturity at 5. Copy is a real credit to her dam. A fine pair of Morab mares - can you see the consistancy in the breed with these two?
Grandpa and Angelica say Bye Bye!
In the Missouri mists, Grandpa and Angelica take one more little ride on Dawn before we will be loading up to go home. Wonderful memories to be cherished forever, we will hold our Missouri trail ride close to our hearts, hoping that many, many more rides are still to come with our Liberty Mtn. Family on our Liberty Mtn. Morabs.....