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See Others Who Have Liberty Mtn. Horses!
We hope that you will find these website links useful and helpful. Most of them are farms and families who have chosen Liberty Mtn. Morabs and Morgans for their breeding programs and purposes. You will find that they are all over the nation. Keep checking back with us as we update this page as we have more who are even now developing new websites. There is also a link for the International Morab Registy Website (Morab Community Network). This is the Morab registry that we all use.

Liberty Mtn. Ranch Part Two This is a second website for our farm with more pictures and information, including a page for our Morgan stallion, Washita Spitfire, and some of his Morab and Morgan babies. We also want pages for our black Morab stallion, LM Black Powder, and his foals, and pages for pictures of endurance Morabs. This is still being constructed so keep checking to see *what's new*.

Freedom Farm, USA The Petersen family of New Jersey owns two Liberty Mtn. Morabs, LM Sparkling Radiance and LM Sky King, & have had three Morab foals sired by three different Liberty Mtn. stallions - Mystery, Powder and Spitfire. They also own some other Morabs, and are well on their way to becoming a force in the Morab world.
The Official Referrance Center for the Morab Website for the Morab Community Network - biggest and best Morab source of information! This is the only Morab registry that we will use.
Morability Ranch Located in Stephenville, Texas, Morability Ranch has started their Morab breeding program with four excellent Morabs from Liberty Mtn. Ranch - LM Classic Debut, LM Mystery's Stellar Debutante, LM Sparkling Duet, and LM Mystery Lady. Check out their new website!
Magick Morning Ranch Breeding registered Morabs for family, sport and endurance. They have started with two mares, LM Sterling Dynasty and LM Red Flair, and have recently added the stud colt, Freedom's Independance Spark, sired by Washita Spitfire. Located in Germanton, N. Carolina.

White Oaks Morgan Farm Breeders of fine Morgan horses, they are now standing the Morgan stallion, Washita Spitfire, purchased from Liberty Mtn. Ranch, and sire of many excellent Morabs and Morgans. They are located in Dundas, Virginia, and welcome any inquiries for stud service to Spitfire.
Mistar Ranch Mistar Ranch of Hot Springs, Arkansas, bred their *Aladdinn/Bey Shah Arab mare to our gaited Morgan stallion, Mary Mels Mystery, and got a Morab colt, Sakan, who, at three years old, is showing a lot of promise as a future stallion prospect for their breeding program. He's also going to have some height!
TNLegacy Farm Located just north of Memphis, Tennessee, they breed and raise Morabs and Morgans - including the Morab mare, LM Powder Flash, who has given them two good Morab colts, one of which is sired by Mary Mels Mystery.